iPhone 7 Have These Features Only if the Rumors are True

Though iPhone 7 hasn’t been officially announced by Apple, it has been creating stir for months. Therefore, its possible features and functions are largely rested on the speculations and rumors doing round over the Internet. And any new happening or release from Apple just fans the flame of the rumors built around its releasing date and features. In other words, new announces from Apple are looked as the hints for iPhone 7 by many tech enthusiasts and experts.

Based on these rumors and specifications, iPhone 7 will have these features:

iPhone 7 Release Date:

Recently, Apple has sent invitations for its special event on 7 September, which is likely to be the iPhone 7 launch event. This is because the event has a tagline “See you on the 7th”—a stress on 7. If rumors are to be believed, iPhone 7 is set to be released within this week.

iPhone 7 Price:

How much iPhone7 cost? That may be other factor most people are curious about. According to Forbes, the prices of iPhone 7 may be cheaper than iPhone 6s. It means that it can cost around 970 Singapore Dollars. The rate may vary according to the storage space.

iPhone 7 Features and Specs:

Apple is known for adding new features to every iPhone model it launches, meaning that iPhone 7 will come with new specs. iPhone 7 may be equipped with:

  • M10 Coprocessor
  • 2 GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 12 MP Camera
  • Headphone Jack
  • 5 Inch Display
  • 1960mAh Battery

iPhone 7 Name:

Many leaks are saying that Apple’s next phone may be titled as “iPhone 6SE” instead of calling iPhone 7. If these rumors have any point, the next model may come with few upgrades instead of massive overhaul.

iPhone 7 Design:

Some rumors say that iPhone 7 is expecting to be of the same size as the iPhone 6s is while other are expecting bigger than that. The Telegraph says that Apple may release the colorful versions of iPhone 7 such as Glossy Black, Space Black, Copper, Purple and Blue.

Whether these speculations and rumors are true or not, you have to wait till the releasing of iPhone 7.

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