Important Cloud Terms You Should Know

These “cloud phrases” will give you basic introduction about the cloud services.

Cloud is on the rise among businesses in Singapore. But like most technologies, it has its own jargon (technical vocabulary). To get the better understanding of the services, you as a business owner should be familiar to the major cloud terms. You don’t need to go anywhere as here we have listed common cloud terms along with their definitions.

SaaS, BDaaS and IaaS:

Well, these are types of cloud services. Iaas or infrastructure as a service is the basic cloud service that takes care of your devices and networking equipment. BDaaS or big data as a service means the system which process large and complex set of data. SaaS or software as a service means ready to use Internet based applications.

Cloud Backup:

Cloud backup is an Internet based countertop of computer’s HDD, meaning that the data is stored online or remote server.

Cloud Computing Reseller:

Cloud computing reseller is a vendor who purchases hosting services from a cloud server to resell them to the consumers.

Cloud Migration:

It is the process of moving data, application and services from on-site location to the cloud from where the info can be delivered over the Internet on demand.

Cloud Vendor:

Cloud vendor is a service provider who provides customers storage or software solutions through the Internet.


It is a software delivery model over the Internet. The term is also used for software that allows designing and development of application in the cloud.

Customer Self-Service:

It is a feature that lets customer manage, terminate and determine the services themselves without requiring them service provider or web interface.

So these are the key cloud terms you should be familiar to. It will help you understand the some basics of cloud services.

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