Spying on Someone’s PC in Singapore: What to Know

How to track someone’s PC in Singapore? What to look for in computer monitoring tools? What can be legal complications? Find out everything before monitoring someone’s computer.)

Everyone has different reasons to monitor a computer. For example, you are not sure if your partner is loyal to you or if you need to monitor what your kids do with their PC when nobody is around and the parents are at the office. Or in the workplace, you may want to know what your employees often do with the company’s PC. When we are in such scenarios and we require all the information available then it is required to spy on a computer.

Here are ways to track someone’s PC…

Determine What You Want to Monitor:

Find out what to look for. Being a parent, you might want to give your kids privacy, while making sure they’re not visiting offensive materials. You as an employer require monitoring their staff to watch for something offensive.

It is important to determine specifically what you want to track because tracking too much can lead to legal problems. If you only want to restrict the access of some websites for your employees, avoid using a keylogger. If you want to keep your kids off of porn, you don’t need to track every Facebook message.

Invest in Right Tracking Software:

Once you determine how and why you want to spy on someone’s PC, you should choose the right software. There is a plethora of spying tools out there. However, choose the one from the leading brands.

Here are the things to look for in your tracking software.

Easy to Use and Set-Up:

No technical expertise required. It should be user-friendly software with a simple and comprehensive interface.

Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring:

From software installation, downloading, and web usage to issues, it should let you view what’s happening on your monitored PC in real-time. You should get alert as soon as anything installed or removed on your computer.

Stolen Mode:

The software should let you monitor and track your stolen PC! The software-enabled PC will send you snapshots, a photograph of users, record keystrokes and trigger location tracking. You can delete the data of your stolen PC.


Spying on another person’s computer without their permission can be a punishable act in Singapore. You are allowed to monitor a computer used by someone else in a few very specific conditions. An employer may be allowed to monitor only on hardware the company owns. A parent can track their kid’s activity as they are legally responsible for their kids. Out of such scenarios, the laws are complicated. Therefore make sure to use computer monitoring tools carefully.

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