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Singapore is known as the fourth biggest financial hub and is among the five busiest ports worldwide. In addition, it is among the major commercial centers of the world. Singapore also ranks top in terms of its globalized economy that lays a lot of impact on trade, industrialization, manufacturing etc. With a boom in the technology in the global market, Singapore is among the top here also.

Here is a rank-wise list of the top 10 IT Support Companies in Singapore based on their performance and market value:

1. Apixel IT Support

apixel-it-support-logoA company which was founded in 2004 with just one Goal in the mind- “To Deliver the highest quality IT Support Services to business in Singapore”. And now Apixel IT Support is the leading IT Support and IT Services provider in Singapore.

And with recommendable work, all big agencies are eager to share their happy words:”We are very satisfied with Apixel’s technical service and support. Thank you!” with every body.

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2. Opusit

opusITOne of the leading IT Services and Solution Company in Singapore. The Company was renamed to OPUS IT Services Pte Ltd from United Software Systems. “OPUS” has grown very rapidly and established itself as a Reliable and one of the major service partner of IBM Singapore. And the total staff reached to 600 in no. from 104 in 1997.

And soon they will be providing their amazing services in India and China.!


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3. E-Trix Pte Ltd

ExE-Trix Pte Ltd is a Singapore base information technology service provider. Their mission is to deliver the best possible reliable IT services and support to ensure all problems/failures are resolved. They are work backward to tear down the barriers to get you there and are committed to our customer’s


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4. Sysnet

top_01Sysnet is a one-stop IT solution provider for Systems and Network Support Services. A fast growing Information Technology company, focusing on empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. Evolved from a small team of round the clock entrepreneurs to a structured pool of certified engineers with different IT skills to handle complex requirements of IT needs.


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5. Viperlink

logoAn established IT services company “Viperlink” in Singapore. A team of highly-qualified IT professionals who combine technical expertise with a knowledge of best practices and experience on the ground to empower your business through the innovative and effective use of IT.


6. vt2me

IT Support Outsourced Help-desk Services Company started in 1993. Accompanied with IT Experience and Knowledge over 20 years. With efficient tech support engineers for your business as well as large diversity of IT Products and Services.
“Win-Pro‘s team of highly experienced IT Support engineers”.


7. Advanetwork Technology

antAdvanetwork Technology Pte Ltd(known as Ant.) is a Singapore base information technology service and outsource Management Company. Operating their business in Singapore for more than a decade since 1994.

And their main focus is to quickly help clients and achieve ROI.


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8. APC Hosting Pte Ltd

APC Hosting Pte Ltd is a Hosting company in Singapore and IT infrastructure solutions. Founded in June 2003. APC has won numerous awards & acclamation and is currently the only hosting company in Singapore to be conferred the prestigious Singapore Business Super-brands in 2014.

Mission: “Your Success is Our Business!”.


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CARE(Computer Analysts and Recovery Experts Pte Ltd) is an established local firm to push out information security and infrastructure solutions to clients. It offers unique monitoring solutions using advanced cutting edge technology to enterprise level clients.

CARE is also awarded the ISO9001:2008 Certification by international auditors thus ensuring consistent good service delivery to all clients.:

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10. Singhost

sssSingHost provides high-performance, reliable hosting solutions that out-perform traditional web hosting
Following are the features provided by SingHost: Strong Protection, 24/7 Customer Support,Incredible Power, 99.9% Up-time Guaranteed.


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Ng Wei Khang, CEO at a Singapore based IT consultancy company, APIXEL IT Support, has been operational for over 8 years from now. Apixel provides fixed price IT Support Services with unlimited packages that includes small business server setup, Cloud Solution Configuration, Network management and Data security & Theft prevention. The company also provides expert IT consultancy to SMEs in Singapore.

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  1. Personal exp with Advanetwork Technology.

    The engineers are very unprofessional, yes they are able to resolve issues rather quickly but at certain times in order to “retain” you as a client, they withheld critical information about your systems and server details even thou you own it.

    When we were switching them out to another IT vendor, they changed our administrator password and refused to give us the new one and they “claim” to say that they didn’t make the change, so we requested them to reset the password for us as they had another administrator account created under them just in case this happens.

    But they MIAed and refused to answer or pick up our calls.

    Engage them at your own risk

  2. You really should have considered Cordeos for this list. They completely rebuilt our whole IT system 1000 times better after we changed to them from one of the companies on your list. The transition was not easy… And expensive, but wow!!what a difference.

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