What to Do If Virus Hits Your PC?

Here are tips to deal with an infected PC. What will you do if you face this scenario?

Your computer’s screen is dotted with popups or a red warning sign appears on your screen.

Even worse, it starts crashing or running intolerably slow.

It means that a computer virus has just hit your PC. The virus can damage or steal your information. One thing is for sure—your computer will start behaving terribly. Again, what do you do in this case?

To keep the things from worsening, here are the quick steps to take when you suspect that virus has entered your PC.

Close Your Browser and Disconnect Internet

Firstly, close your browser and disconnect PC from the Internet. This is because Internet is the major route of the virus. Besides, an infected PC can affect other computers over the same network.

If you are not able to do it, then next step may help you.

Turn Your PC Off:

This is an easy way out when you are having computer related troubles. However, make sure to save and close the files and programs before turning your PC off. Some viruses may not let you turn off PC. Don’t worry. Just press the power key for five seconds.

Call for Tech Support:

If your computer has fallen prey to the viruses, contact a computer tech support. This is a vital step to ensure protection against further damages. A tech support company like Apixel IT support will take back-up and guard your PC with sophisticated virus protection.

So these are the steps to handle an “infected PC.” Don’t panic and stay calm while dealing with a computer virus. Once your PC is fixed for virus, you should stay proactive to minimize the risk of virus attack for future

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