The Two Indians who caused $234 million grief to Apple

Although, India is among the developing nation, nobody can deny the fact that Indians have great minds and courage. This recent incident proves this. Have a look.

The Techno Giant, Apple Inc. was ordered to pay over $234 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s patent licensing arm by a U.S. Jury recently. The payment was form of ‘clearance’ to the company for incorporating its microchips into some of its IPhone’s and IPad’s without permission.

Surprisingly, the people who claimed this fraud are the two INDIAN businessmen – Professor Gurindar Sohi and Terani Vijaykumar were the main leaders of the team that won this huge case against Apple in the US.

The US federal jury found that Apple had illegally used technology when it was developing processors for its products, which was patented by Sohi and Vijaykumar along with two others. The University of Wisconsin’s licensing arm, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), had filed the lawsuit which included the two Indian engineers.

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Sohi (the leader of the team) and Vijaykumar were part of a team of four engineers who created a “Table based data speculation circuit for parallel processing computer.”

According to the complaint WARF filed in the Wisconsin court, the original work “has been recognized as a major milestone in the field of computer microprocessor architecture/design.” It improves the power efficiency and performance in processors with the help of a “data speculation circuit.”

WARF claimed for a sum of $862.4 million against Apple, but the jury awarded only $264 million to the WARF team.


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