Why Shouldn’t You Replace Your IT Professional with Anyone

Imagine you have a sick child (god forbid) at home. And you have two phone numbers to dial up—one is of your friend while another belongs to a doctor.

Whom do you call? Will it be a friend who Google’s the symptoms to tell you a solution? Or it will be a doctor?

It’s no brainer. Obviously, it will be (should) a doctor. After all, a doctor is a professional you can trust (even blindly). Maybe the piece of advice from your friend worsens the condition. Only a doctor can tell if the symptoms are normal or it is due to an underlying condition.

The point is here to call in a subject-matter expert to handle the issue.

Similarly, you should trust an IT professional rather than someone who works in a grocery store when it comes to a critical piece of advice.

However, the problem is that we are surrounded by experts who use Google to find the solution. Therefore, some businesses rely on them for advice that would otherwise suggest from an in-house IT or managed IT, support provider.

Your IT pro or IT support provider is familiar with the ins and outs of their field. They know what tactic or tool can fix the issues.

So-called pro or non-IT personnel, on the other hand, can worsen the problem. And keep in mind that it can cost the operation and efficiency of your critical infrastructure.

For more clarity, let’s go through the reasons why you shouldn’t let anyone handle your critical IT issues other than an IT pro.

Making the Problems Even Complicated:

You call up your friend or someone from accounts to figure out why the Internet is not working. It is okay if they know some basic troubleshooting to fix the things. But what happens if they go beyond that? For example, their curiosity can lead them to open the router or fiddle with other cables. This can affect the entire network system. That’s why you should call someone from your IT team or IT support.

It Can Make Your Network Vulnerable:

Sometimes, a naïve can make your network prone to threats. For example, they may skip the important safety steps or ignore antivirus warning while installing any software. This way, they can inject threat into your system.

Complex Technologies Require Competent Professionals:

IT infrastructure requires the competence of qualified IT professionals, no matter whether it’s about servers or network setup.

Bottom Line:

So you must have understood why not to replace an IT pro with non-technical friends. Putting your faith in them will ensure operational efficiency as well as the removal of underlying issues.

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