Why Antivirus is not enough to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Learn here how antivirus is not the only thing to protect your business from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Most small businesses think that they are fully protected by their antivirus. Are they right? If you are one of them, you need to think again.

Let us give you an example why you are not safe by relying only on antivirus. In 2016, Chinese hackers targeted the New York Times, which have had numerous antivirus software in place. They (hackers) uninstalled them by creating their custom malware.

Cyber criminals have sophisticated tools to outwit your simple antivirus programs. Here we have come up with some reasons why relying solely on antivirus software is not right.

Arrival of New Viruses Every Day:

The existing antivirus software can deal with the known viruses. It may not be able to cope up with the newly released viruses. The antivirus company has to keep up a pace with the latest attacks to engineer their new virus accordingly. It is not easy for them as each day sees some 317 million new viruses or malware.

Can your antivirus software 2017 offer protection against viruses made in 2018?

Computer is Not the Only Gateway for Most Viruses:

Hackers also use social media platforms to get access into your data. For example, they send spam mails and malicious links to your social media profiles. It means that there is still another loophole even if the software can detect all the new viruses.

Lack of User Action:

A few years ago, users were more proactive as they used to scan the files they downloaded from the web and avoid clicking over suspicious links. But hackers have their own way to lure the users. Nowadays, they use malicious advertising popularly known as advertising attacks to inject malicious content into legitimate webpages and online advertising networks. Just one click there and you are trapped!

What to Do?

  • Keep Your Antivirus Updated
  • Set Rules for Employees to Use their Mobile Devices at Workplace
  • Educate Your Employees
  • Use a Robust Email Service Provider
  • Last but not the Least—Back up Your Data!

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