What Make a Great Small Business Server?

Here are the essential features to look for in a small business server.

According to experts, any business with more than two employees should consider a server. Apart from organizing and managing the data, the server ensures collaboration, seamless connectivity and centralized/automated data backup. This way, it lets small business enjoy smoother operations based on the technology. In a nutshell, servers have a critical role to play in any IT network; and it plays important tasks.

Small business server combines several functionalities into one compact server, minimizing the need to purchase several servers, saving you time and money. Here are the essential features to look for in small business server…

Fully Synchronized Email Access

Generally, emails are kept on a centralized server so that you can access your emails from anywhere. You can see past and existing messages, and see the replies you sent from other place when you return to workplace next day.

Shared Calendar:

Shared calendar is an important part of a small business server as it lets the users to keep the track of common project deadlines, important meetings etc. As it is highly configurable, it can be used in various scenarios to cater to the multiple requirements.

File Sharing with Security Control:

File sharing with full security control ensures protection from unauthorized access. Access loggings show the users who access your data along with the location.

Remote Access to Emails and Data:

Make sure your small business server lets you access data even on the run. It should cater to the needs of mobile users and delivers a comprehensive security features for remote access.

Automated Backups:

Automated backup is an essential feature which helps restores the data in case of emergency. It should also provide off-site backups.

So these are some common features that make a great small business server.

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