What are the Best Ways to Backup Data?

No backup of data means you will repent sooner or later over your lost data. Here we have listed some ways to back up your data.

Is your all data stored in one place—your computer? Having all of you data in one place is not a good idea. What will you do if your laptop containing all your data is lost? Then, there are other risks like cybercrimes, damages and natural disaster and accidental deletion. Therefore, it makes sense to take backup of your data for easy data retrieval in unpleasant situation.

From pen drives, external HDD to cloud storage, there are many backup options you can use to create a backup of your data. Choosing all or one way will reduce the risk of ever losing your important data. Here we have listed some simple ways to back up your data.

Pen Drive:

Pen DriveIt is the easiest way to back up your data. They are easy to transport and compatible with most of the PCS. However, they are very small and can be lost. If you lose your pen drive, you will lose your back up. So, you need to opt for better option for your sensible data. Same goes with external HDD with the only difference that they can store more data.

Bootable Backup:

Bootable BackupA bootable backup or clone is a complete copy of your PC’s HDD. It is useful in case when your HDD is broken down. A clone of your HDD will let you retrieve everything, from your files, software you use and setting and configuration you made. Like pen drive, it has its downfall. For example, your PC will run slower when booted from an external drive, and there may be some other pitfalls.

Cloud Backup:

cloudbackupCloud is the most convenient and efficient data backup solution for many reasons. First of all, it automatically takes the backup of your data once it enables on your system. Secondly, it is saved on the Internet, meaning that it can’t be lost like your physical resources. And you can access your data from anywhere, anytime. The data stored on the cloud is encrypted to ensure its safety. Cloud backup is best for storing critical information and large data.

Slow uploading speed can be the only downside associated with cloud backup. Well, it also depends on your plan’s bandwidth.

So, these are the best ways to back up data. Choose the one that can go well with your requirements.

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