Top IT Support Trends in 2021 to Grow Your Business

With a multitude of technologies being dubbed as the “the next big things in future”, it is not easy to tell which one will be the right fit for your business.

Some technologies are not meant for particular areas, others might just be ideal for bigger enterprises.

So, what could work for you at present?

Here we have rounded up the interesting IT support trends, and how they can streamline your operations, enhance customer experience and speed up the productivity of your business.

Incorporating Tiered Support Levels:

Helpdesk is used by many enterprises to address their consumers’ queries regarding IT services and products. Also known as IT support, the help desk software market is expected to reach $11 billion by 2023 as projected by Transparency Market Research.

IT support involves many levels or tiers depending upon the complexity of the issue. Delivering this type of IT support has become a new norm for IT vendors to address their customers’ queries.

For example, it can be categorized into two levels or tiers.

Level 1:

Level 1 refers to a basic help desk support meant to resolve basic customers’ problems such as Password Resets or initial inquiries associated with your services. This level is handled by basic-level trained employees to deal with these kinds of basic issues and inquires. If L1 is not able to solve any issue, it can be referred to Level 2.

Level 2:

This level of support is supposed to handle deep technical problems that are beyond Level 1 expertise. This support level is operated by a team equipped with deep technical knowledge. If level 2 cannot solve the problem somehow, it can be sent to the next level of support.

Adding Virtual Contact Center:

A chatbot is used by a lot of businesses to help clients online. This reduces the workload for your support team and lets them focus on important business assets.

Chatbots rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to determine what the client requires and respond likewise. For more complicated requisitions, a client would then be referred to a real client assistance rep by messaging or telephone.

One of the key advantages of chatbots is that a huge number of the simpler requests can be handled just by using chatbots, minimizing expenses of staffing and office space.

Cloud-based contact places can help organizations, by letting the call centre’s rep work from any place.

Increasing Staff Efficiency with Virtual Assistants:

Several IT support programs support you in different ways and this is one of them. Currently, there are a few VA (virtual assistants) available that can support busy workers to deal with their time without hiring a PA.

These virtual assistants use AI to handle a few important parts of a business meeting: if a meeting demand has been issued, virtual assistants can find the right day in the worker’s diary and mark the place of the meeting. Moreover, it can understand some of the human emotions, and respond to different requisitions helping workers.

Reinforcing Cybersecurity:

Digital technology also poses risk to your sensitive information, thanks to the latest techniques used by cybercriminals. It is pretty common to end up losing data or getting manipulated by a threat actor nowadays.

No wonder why cybersecurity continues to become a top IT trend every year. An IT support vendor needs to save the information and the digital infrastructure shared with them by their clients. If they provide online IT support, they should make sure to keep their systems hacking proof as well as create a safe payment gateway.

So these are some IT support trends. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

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