Technology that will Support Digital Infrastructure in 2019

Here we have rounded up the technology that will change the way you manage digital infrastructure in 2019.


SERVERLESS computing is a blend of IaaS, Paas and FaaS. It will free up the users from managing the server as the cloud vendor will do that for them. Simply put, it is a computing without serving and users can leave all the chores to the vendors.  According to one report, serverless computing will be on the rise in upcoming year. According to the Cloud Foundry 2018 report, 46% of surveyed companies use serverless computing.


According to Gartner, the value of AI-derived business will touch the mark of $3.9 trillion by 2022. The report also concluded that top tech leaders will be required to use AI for supporting the growing infrastructure. AI lets the organizations enhance the processes and improve infrastructure without hiring new staff.


Gartner found that 90% organizations will close their traditional datacenter by 2025. The firm predicts that 80 percent of organizations will “move entirely away from on-premises data centres with the current trend of moving workload to colocation, hosting and the cloud leading them to shut their traditional data center.”


Edge computing is defined as a computing that occurs near or close to the source of data generation. It doesn’t rely on a centralized cloud for data processing. And 2019 can see a tremendous rise in edge computing adaption by the businesses. It minimizes the time and distance required to deliver data to the cloud. Its performance will be boosted if coupled with the cloud.

So these are the technologies that will support digital infrastructure in 2019. Do you think there would be more technologies or trends in this blog? Let us know by commenting below.

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