Technology and Your School’s Security: What You Must Do?

school security

Being a school authority, you want to create a safe learning environment for the students. This is because of the ever increasing crimes against students which include outsider’s attacks, violence, threatening and abusing behaviors.

Besides, schools in Singapore must secure their IT infrastructure from hackers or those looking to leak student’s info or exam papers.


Therefore, security should be the topmost concerns for the SG schools besides giving quality education. Sadly, security is the overlooked factor in many schools or it is deployed after an incidents.

You must harness technology to safeguard your school property, students, and faculty.

Here are the benefits of integrating technology with your school’s safety measures:

Screen visitors and control access:

You can use technology to monitor the visitors and control access. Video intercom allows educational institutions like school and tuition centres to identify the person before granting their access to the premises. In this way, you can spot the strangers and restrict the unauthorized entries.

Security System:

These systems cover panic alarms and video monitoring for the departments and the classrooms. For example, a fire alarm will be automatically activated once it detects smoke.

CCTV Cameras in Classrooms:

Many schools across Singapore are using CCTV cameras in classrooms to make sure teachers and students are working properly. Besides, a presence of CCTV visually deters the crime as it would discourage the potential assaulter or vandal to execute his plans.

Final Thoughts:

In this way, technology contributes in your school’s safety. Make sure that you periodically access your security plans as per the growth of your school. As students mature and school’s requirement change, the right security plan should be flexible meet those needs.

Besides reinforcing your school’s safety, these security measures ensure parents and students a peace of mind. You must choose the security partner which understand your needs and create innovative solutions that let you create a safe learning environment for years to come.

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