Singapore Ranks First in Asian Digital Transformation Index

Read why Singapore leads the Asian Digital Transformation Index and where the country needs improvement.

Singapore has topped the Asian Digital Transformation Index that has been released recently by the Economist Intelligence Unit commissioned by Telstra. The index ranked 11 nations according to their ability to transform themselves amid the digital disruptions. Singapore got numero uno spot by leaving behind the other 10 nations including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India.

EIU put Singapore on the top position because of its well-developed digital infrastructure, technically literate workforce and highly supportive government policies. EIU measures the performance of its ranked nations on the basis of three metrics: digital infrastructure, human capital and industry connectedness.

Paul Tyler, Managing Director at Telstra’s Group, told that the research was aimed to show the importance of the digital infrastructure, skilled workforce and well-functioning ecosystem as the elements of success for the businesses and nations alike in the connected world.

“As part of their research, the EIU has surveyed more than 850 businesses and 94 per cent said a country’s infrastructure is important to their organisation’s digital transformation, reinforcing the fact that access to high quality telecommunications and technology services is vital for business success,” said Mr. Tyler.

However, Singapore ranks behind Japan regarding industry connectivity, which is defined by EIU as the ability to form digital partnerships with other companies and communities. Apart from that, EIU also found that employing skilled workforce can be a concern for Singapore, which sits fourth on human capital index. It can be improved by creating talent communities with advanced digital skills and using data sharing to enhance the digital partnerships.

One of the key findings of EIU’s index is that many Asian nations are lagging behind US, Australia and UK in terms of digital infrastructure and human capital.

Tyler threw the light on the importance of EIU’s research with these words, “The research shows companies across all major sectors are looking to digital transformation to deliver benefits like lower costs, as well as capture new customers, products and markets. This research makes an important contribution to digging deeper into what is required to realise these goals.”

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