Singapore Is Tracking Seniors’ Bathroom Visit

tracking seniors

Singapore’s government will call upon privately owned businesses to place sensors all through publicly run senior homes to screen peoples’ movement and even their bathroom visit.

Tracking Seniors’ Bathroom is a part of a new project

The plan is a part of the project called Smart Nation, which began in 2014, that will transform Singapore into a “smart city”. Data concerning traffic clog, climate reports, smoking rates, and now elderly health are all reported back to the federal.

Working age population will contract by 2020

Just like japan, the absence of youngsters has prompted a maturing Singaporean populace that must spend its remaining years to a great extent caring for itself. The nation appraises the working-age populace will begin to contract as right on time as 2020.

Thus, the customary family structure, a blend of youthful and old individuals all living under one roof, has begun to blur away. The new sensors would give families that live remotely better access to their more established relatives’ wellbeing.

If the working-age populace is set to begin vanishing in just four years, giving more data about the seniors isn’t a solution.

Compelling Solution

The best solution might be to get rid of strict and poorly upheld parental leave approaches for a “nanny state” model, as in Finland and France.

While Singapore may be very centralized, more than 80% of the populace live in government lodging, support for new parents seems to be a special concern.

In closing lines, installing sensors in the seniors’ toilets is imaginative and doubtlessly helpful, however, it won’t solve serious issues Singapore will confront decades down the line.

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