Nimb Smart Ring Notifies Others When You’re in a Trouble

NIMB’s new smart ring will send alert to your near and dear ones and police when you’re in trouble. That’s what its tagline is about-The ring with a panic button.


NIMB is the wearable device startup company with the aim to “make the world a safer place.” The ring lets you send out an alarming signal in emergency condition with its concealed panic button. It is different from previous smart rings as it tracks your location and sends to your family and emergency services instead of working on phone notification.

Kathy Roma, a spokeswoman looked excited while talking about the NIMB ring feedback as she said,” We ran the pre-launch campaign on Facebook for three weeks and received tremendous feedback. People all over the world said that they want to lead safer lives,” “They really want to feel protected, to feel that someone will always have their back when they are in trouble.” She added.

How NIMB Smart Ring Work?

On pressing the hidden button, the ring uses your synced smartphone to send alert to the preset contacts. Plus, the ring also alerts the other NIMB ring users if they are within the 300 yards.  In case, you need to cancel the alert, use Nimb App and enter your code to let people know you’re alright. As an added bonus, you can have a force cancellation alert password to know everyone that you’re being forced to cancel the alert.

Currently, NIMB smart ring is available in two colors, black and white with the trendy design while the sizes range 4-12 (US measurement). The battery is claimed to give two weeks of battery life even with a regular use.


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