Must Have Tech Gadgets for Home Office Setup

To feel great at your “home office” while enjoying a workplace-like convenience, you need these tech gadgets for your home office setup.)

Did you know that 8 in 10 Singapore employers allow their staff to work from home?

It strongly indicates towards the ever-increasing “work from home” culture among Singaporeans. After all, working from the couch of your home or getting free from a 9-5 routine job has its benefits.

You don’t need to worry about waking up early. No need to deal with the peak hour crowd on the MRT or bus.

However, it is important to be supported by efficient gadgets for smooth delivery of work from home. Whether it’s your laptop or router, make sure you have everything, that’s too in top shape.

Here I have outlined some tech gadgets for home office setup.


This is no brainer. A laptop has many advantages over a desktop computer. The biggest one is that you can carry it anywhere. Make sure to invest in a lightweight but powerful, portable laptop, like the new MacBook Pro or a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Choose the one with a display larger than 13 inches.

Keyboard and Mouse:

Laptop keyboards and trackpads are not efficient if you have to sit for long hours. They will make your wrist and hands feel tired.

The most important factor in choosing a mouse or keyboard is how it feels. Having a good combination can make a huge difference. For example, when it comes to choosing the mouse, look for size and grip, While size can be a personal preference, some mice are better for certain types of grips like Palm Grip, Claw Grip, and Fingertip Grip.

Choose the keyboard with adjustable height and tilt. It’s also great if your keyboard includes a wrist rest, but you can buy it separately as per your requirements.

Wi-Fi Router:

A wireless router lets you easily connect your computer to a broadband Internet. It not only gives you independence from stringing Ethernet cable around your home but also let you access the Internet using a smartphone or tablet.

Make sure to choose the faster one. For example, the latest standard number like 802.11ac is faster than 600 Mbps limit. Also, consider the network speed. You won’t regret investing a few extra dollars on a model providing good speed.

Wireless Printer:

If you don’t want to fiddle with wires, opt for a wireless printer. As an added bonus, you can command for print anywhere across the home (within 100 meters range). Choose the one that comes with a scanner.


Webcams facilitate your face-to-face communication online; making it easy to explain visually to the person you are talking to. They are a great aid for someone working from home or remotely. With a webcam, they can carry out their daily meetings and work together on a project and have a real-time brainstorming session.

So these are some gadgets you need to invest in to support your “work from home” practice. Well, this list is about the basic device. You may like to scale up the number of devices as requirements go up. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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