Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing Ensures Improved Cloud Security Services

Microsoft Azure has come up with an advanced set of security features known as “confidential computing”. It will shield the data from malicious insiders, governments and vendors even if the data is processing. Even Microsoft won’t have access to data.

The safety of data over the cloud in one of the major concerns related to cloud computing. No wonder that many leading technology firms are investing in to make their cloud platform robust and guarded.

Recently, Microsoft upgraded the security features of its major cloud computing platform known as Azure. These security features are termed as confidential computing which improve the security by adding encryption to data while it’s in use.

Azure confidential computing is a set of new security features jointly developed by Azure tem, Microsoft Research, Intel, Windows, and the Developer Tools group. Microsoft is the only major cloud provider to provide such data security features.

The data will be in customer control while it’s being processed in the cloud, according to a MS blog post. It is like a great assurance to the customers that don’t prefer cloud for keeping their sensitive data. The blog post further said that it will be available through the Early Access program.

According to the experts, the security features are useful for the organizations with sensitive data, including financial firms, healthcare industry and research and development companies.

Microsoft Azure works by keeping confidential information in a safe virtual enclave to protect the data from outside the customer. Even Microsoft itself can’t access the data. Besides keeping cybercriminals and malicious insiders, the system is likely to keep away governments spying on customer’s data.



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