MacBook Gets a New Keyboard from Apple

Apple comes up with a brand new, unique laptop concept that reimagines the keyboard.

MacBook – Apple’s newest and thinnest laptop has got a new keyboard with an entirely different mechanism in which its keys have almost no depth. This means that the device can be thinner than ever.

According to a patent, Apple might be considering ending up the laptop keyboard completely, and moving to an entirely flat touch surface.

Apple Keyboard

The innovative invention is said to be a configurable and force-sensitive input structure designed to be used for electronic device.

The invention published is based on “Force Touch” track pads that Apple has already included in its recent MacBooks, which rely on haptic technology. It doesn’t want users to click: rather a layer senses the force that the user’s fingers impart to the surface. When the force is laid, a small motor provides a sensation as if you’re actually clicking. Thus, a future MacBook could have a flat surface that you can type on instead of pressing keys.

This patent takes this idea to the next level. It seems that this kind of technology can be configured for a track pad, laptop keyboard, or a number pad with similar general input structure. In addition, the positioning of these haptic keypads are configurable which enables your laptop to have a number pad for Excel sessions, and turn to a gamepad for playing games.

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