IT Service Management Trends for 2018

Here we have predicted how IT support industry will behave in 2018.

2017 has been the year of new trends in IT support industry. Needless to say these trends have empowered the industry to serve the customers efficiently.

What to expect in 2018?

The year can be even bigger for the industry.

Here we will go through the key IT support trends that will define 2018.

Industry’s Push for Consumer Focused IT Help Desks:

The success of IT support is determined by one thing—how quickly it is being delivered to the client. In simple words, timely support is everything this industry is built upon. No wonder that stress will be on consumer focused IT help desks (as usual).

IT departments incorporate ITSM methodologies to ensure speedier and better quality support. Live Chat and video chat have been in the trend for over the years. To make it more personalized and issue-centric, vendors have also started recording client information.

Seeking Replacement for Reporting Incidents via Email:

Emails have been a traditional medium to send service request. It has been found that tickets generated via email are likely to stay longer than live telephone calls. However, many industry experts want to replace the piles of email with a structured workflow.

The key is here to build the channel to address a particular situation. These channels could be service catalogue for an immediate request, chatbots for proactive responses and knowledge bases like FAQs to provide answers to common problem. However, email is still an important part of the service delivery (and will be).

More Security Concerns with BYOD:

Many organizations have allowed their employees to bring their own devices to the workplace. It means that these devices are being used over with computers and other tech assets of the organization. And it just added to the challenges of IT support technicians to maintain the security and collaboration of the client workplace. Therefore, support vendors will have to find new ways to manage with the ever increasing usage of BYOD devices.

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