Important Cloud Terms You Should Know—PART 2

Enhance your knowledge of cloud computing with these terms.

In the previous part, we have listed some important cloud terms that define the basics of the cloud computing services. Here we have moved forward to introduce you with some advance aspects of cloud computing with these cloud terms.


It is the service that is especially designed for personal use. For example, Dropbox and iCloud.


Elastic computing is as flexible as elastic, meaning that you can scale up or down the services according to your requirements.


As the name implies, it’s a program remained between applications and OS, covering up the services that allow interoperability to assist distributed architectures by transferring data between applications. For example, you can access one database through another.


It is a cost model which is comprised of both subscriptions based and consumption based models. It is different from traditional IT cost model that requires up front cost for the resources.


A contract which defines the level of services, priorities, responsibilities and guarantees set by the vendor for the services. Therefore, you should read it carefully before opting for the services.


It is the model which combines cloud hosted services with software. The model lets local system process power while depending on cloud operations for software license verifications, device synchronization, and file storage.


This model charges users for specific usage just like municipal services such as water or electricity does.

These terms must have given you an idea about advance aspects of cloud computing.

We also hope that these terms would be really useful if you are looking for cloud services for your business. If things are still not clear, you can consult Apixel IT. We offer reliable cloud solutions to businesses in Singapore, including consultation, cost estimation, installation, and testing.

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