How to Set Up a Server Room for Your Small Business?

Are you ready for your first server? Here are the steps to get started.

Not all businesses can’t or haven’t yet moved to the cloud based services. Many still prefer in-house server room to access a direct control over security or to get hands-on with the hardware. Another reason is that server is believed to be more secure than a peer-to-peer network. Are you ready for your first server? Here are the steps to get started.

Choose Your Server Rack:

Choose the right server rack according to data storage, size of the server, space, processing and backup. From free-standing, wall-mounted, and wall anchored, there are plethora of options to choose from. If things are still unclear, opt for a professional help to get the right one.

Consider the Placement:

Choosing an office cloak room or a spare wardrobe may be your first choice to place the server. However, you should make that decision wisely. Make sure the place is well ventilated. Larger server installation will require more cooling than provided by a commercial fan in front of the equipment and windows. You may require a separate AC unit in the server room. Then, the room should be equipped with sound dampening properties.

Cable Management:

Unruly cable nests behind the servers not only look ugly, but also create a lot of inconvenience. In this case, it is not easier for you to locate the cable or port, especially during an emergency. Therefore, cable management is downright essential. You can use cable binders, zip-ties and retro-fit rack equipment to organize your cables.

Label Everything:

Let’s accept it. It is not easier to know what is what and what it does when it comes to locating the server’s equipment. It is seriously confusing for new IT personals or your layman staff. Therefore, putting the labels with short descriptor and IP address just saves you from headache and frustration. Other equipment like keyboards, routers, switches and hardware must be labelled accordingly too.

Installing a server for your small business needs shouldn’t be that daunting task, if done in a right way.

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