How to Make Your Business Friendly for the Cloud

More businesses are opting for the cloud to share, store and process their data. However, there are many businesses which simply don’t trust or use the cloud. Sometimes they find that cloud is not aligning with their business needs. Sometimes, security incidents discourage the enterprises from opting for the cloud. Here are the ways to make your business friendly for cloud.

Understand Your Requirements

Do you need IaaS? Or PaasS would be great for your business?

It is important to determine which type of clouds will be compatible to your business model. IaaS cloud type has a straight forward approach and ensures the greatest control over infrastructure. IT team can manage OS and middleware, though the network and compute capacity will be with an external vendor. PaaS, on the other hand, will take care of runtime, OS and middleware, leaving only apps and data to be managed by your team.

Apps Monitoring and Management

Managing the performance of apps can be cumbersome for IT. Internal IT departments want to learn how business apps are utilized. If there are issues in performances, stakeholders and clients may be annoyed, therefore IT teams require a way to monitor CPU, memory usage and other metrics to keep the track of diagnostics.

High Availability:

It is useful for the businesses application and productivity which often take place in mission-critical atmosphere. By deploying HA system in your enterprise, you can make your servers and operations more strong, consistent, and resilient.


Cloud technology is not immune to cyber-attacks. For example, a public cloud type is not safer for critical information as hacker’s access to one area means an access to other projects too. See if your vendor has security certifications to assure your IT team that there would be no risk of incident.

Back Up and Data Recovery:

Make sure the vendor backup your data frequently. After all, data is the backbone of your company as all the major decisions related to sales, customers, admin and services are heavily relied on that.

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