How to Improve Internet Speed in Your Office

Slow Internet can slow down your work productivity. Here are some troubleshooting tips to fix it up.)

It is fact that your Internet speed may seem to slow to a crawl over time. However, there are lot of troubleshooting tips you can imply before calling an IT professional.

Here we have rounded up some key of them…

Restart Your Router and Modem:

It is one of the quick ways to boost your Internet speed. Just unplug the device, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in.

It will take some time for everything to get up and start again; therefore, you should be patient.

Check it constantly for Malware and Virus Scans:

Many antivirus programs scan your computer for viruses that thwart your Internet speed. Ask your IT department or manager to make sure your system has antivirus and antimalware installed and is configured properly. Make sure to run them at least once a week. You can even run the scans in the middle of the night.

Perform an Internet Speed Test:

Before opting for a bandwidth optimization, make sure to figure out your Internet speed. There are many sites where you can perform Internet speed test. Make sure to take a note of the day while running speed tests. The test should be conducted from multiple sites and more than one computer. If possible, consider the test for more than one time of day. Once you get a good idea of the speed you are getting, you can compare the stats to the service you are paying for. If it is not up to mark, it is time to consult your Internet service provider.

Check How Many Devices are connected to Your Network:

Another way to improve your Internet speed is to assess the devices connected to your network. May be unauthorized users sharing your bandwidth. Removing their pairing from your network can free up bandwidth for your workplace.

Upgrade Your Computer:

Over time, computer performance starts losing its efficiency. Older terminals are not that able to process Internet faster like before. Therefore, make sure to upgrade their configuration from time to time.

Keep an Eye on Data Caps:

Ask your Internet service provider if they have applied any limit on the usage of data you can upload and download. If your data has exceeded the usage limit, the provider many throttle or slow down your Internet speed.

Replace or Upgrade Your Modem/router:

Internet hardware should be upgraded. Even if your modem and router have been dependable for years, they may not be keeping pace with a new technology. You can optimize Internet speed by upgrading or replacing them.

Keep Faith in Wired Connection:

While going wireless has become the notion, you can get maximum speed if you are physically connected to the Internet. Wired connections are faster than Wi-Fi. Try to keep your desktop or a laptop plugged into the network. Switch to Wi-Fi only if you are away from the primary Internet connection.

Clear Browser Cache:

The browser cache cleaning instructions vary based on the browser you use. Therefore, you can search online to find the ways to clear cache for your specific browser. Your browser cache stores files that you visit often to help load them faster. However, when it gets overloaded, it can thwart browser performance. Do this once or twice a year.

Bottom Line:

So this is how you can improve your workplace Internet performance. However, call an IT pro if there is no improvement despite your troubleshooting.

Do you have other tips to improve Internet? Please share with us by commenting below.

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