How to Choose an IT Support Provider in Singapore?

Are you looking for an IT support provider in Singapore?

Well, it is an important decision to make.

After all, they are your IT department out of your workplace. And since IT is the backbone of your operations, your IT support vendor should stay proactive and efficient.

With an efficient IT support vendor in place, you can focus on your key business operations without worrying about routine and major IT glitches.

This way, outsourcing your IT requirements can help save and money on equipment purchase and hiring.

There are many managed IT support vendors to choose from. However, choosing the right one is important.

Here is how you can choose the right IT support company in Singapore.

Do they Expertise? How Long They Have Been in the Business?

First of all, the IT support vendor is familiar with the infrastructure used by you.

Ponder over these key things…

Do they provide services to other companies belonging to your industry? Are they certified provider of technology used by your business?

Besides, they should have expertise. If you have a Linux based workstation, make sure to choose Linux experts over Windows expert.

Understand the Contracts:

It is important to understand the IT support contract before opting for the services.

You might be required to get in a 2-3-year contract by your vendor. However, this might impact your facility to change the vendor in case of getting poor service. It means that you have to “tolerate” them until the contract ends.

Therefore, choose the one which can give you the contract of a month or two with the out clause of 30-40 days. And make sure to read the IT support agreement carefully.

Are they Serious about Data Security?

Cybercrimes are on the rise. You never know when a threat actor gets into your network and steal or damage your valuable data. Therefore, data security is as important as your business assets. Apart from having solid data security measures in place, make sure to choose the IT vendor that can ensure strong data security.

This is because your data and systems will be accessible to the IT support vendor once you opt for their services. If they don’t have the right security measures in place, they can leave your data exposed. For example, their premises might be visiting by an unauthorized person. Look for any past cybercrime incident in their track record.

Check Their Track Record:

Ask your peers or industry expert what IT support vendor they recommend? The more reference an IT support vendor gets, the better it is.

You can also ask an IT vendor for the references of their past clients so that you can see how they helped them. Rather than just getting carried away by their success stories, call their past or existing clients for verification. A good IT support vendor shouldn’t have a problem in sharing their client’s list.

Apart from that, check the reviews that their clients have uploaded on their websites, social media pages as well as on Google. When you see a large number of satisfied clients, you can have peace of mind.


Price is an important factor to consider while looking for an IT support company. Make sure to find out how they charge or take note of their price model. Many IT vendors provide a customized estimate.

Requirements of Your Company:

An IT vendor company can present you with a range of IT support services to choose from. However, not all of these services might work for you. Therefore, you need to ponder over your requirements to choose the right services for you. It will help you avoid paying for unnecessary services. A small business has different requirements than its bigger counterpart and vice versa.

What’s Their Take on Uptime and Guarantees?

A sluggish or down network can impact your productivity and revenue. Therefore, make sure to ask for guarantees on uptime. Aim for 100 percent of uptime as possible. Also, ask for any guarantees they have on the performance of your hardware and software. Check if the agreement covers such guarantees.

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