How AWS Providers Ensure Security to Their Subscribers?

Here are some complex security issues and the “way out” you should consider as an AWS service user.)

AWS Managed Service Providers represent the Amazon Web Services and provide efficient cloud services to enterprises. According to the AWS official site, it grants its partnership to those who are well versed at cloud infrastructure and application migration services, and give automation to monitoring tools to their customers. However, you must not write off the security while subscribing services from AWS managed service provider.

Bill Shinn, a senior principal engineer in the office of the CISO for Amazon Web Services (AWS), has stressed the importance of security in technology at the recent AWS security conference.

He said,” at AWS, every service has to go through a rigorous app sec review at launch. Once you state the security intent of how something should or shouldn’t exist in production, we have a set of canaries around making sure that state doesn’t change. I think security teams have to go faster. And they have to be the fastest thing in the organization.”

Here are the complex security issues and their functions.

Data Security and Privacy:

Security has always been a big issue for any business which makes them consider cloud services. Taking this thing into account, AWS has worked a lot over it. Amazon Web Services Providers don’t leak your information until the need to do so due to a legal affair. They will send you a notice if they have to disclose your information. Besides, AWS provides robust encryption and lets the business to handle their encryption keys.

Receiving Notifications:

As an AWS managed service subscriber, you want notification for any changes for security reasons. You want notification before changes take place in your AWS identity and configuration. Amazon CloudWatch comes handy in this scenario as it enables you to collect and track metrics, monitoring, setting alarms, and highlights changes in your AWS infrastructure. Amazon CloudWatch can keep an eye on the other tools like Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon RDS DB instances and other custom metrics and log files created by your services. Once everything is fit into the right place, you will be notified by mail or SNS.

PCI Compliance: Which One is Right?

PCI or Payment Card Industry is crucial for any enterprises. But determining the responsible party for PCI requirement is the biggest challenge of cloud hosting. So you must know which areas are covered by AWS or where you’re responsible for. There have been quite complex twelve top-level PCI requirements which must not be skipped by you at any cost. After some time you may feel that not all of them is required by your business, so you can consider PCI assessor to know the helpful PCI tools for your business.

Bottom Line:

Given the ever-expanding AWS’s considerable market share, there is a good chance that you can opt for AWS in the future for shifting your workloads if you haven’t done it yet. Not being careful with the technology can make your prone to AWS security issues that are stated above. Luckily, they are easy to avoid, as long as you educate yourself.

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