Here’s How to Choose Your Hosting Server

Choosing the right hosting server requires you go through several aspects to make an informed decision.)

A server is basically a remote computer that is connected to the internet. It is used to host various functions and services like email, website, and SaaS app. Besides, it supports multiple virtual servers, back up business data, storing and collaborating on documents.

When Internet users want to access your website, all they need to do is enter your website address into their browser. Their PC or device will then connect to your server and your webpages will be accessed to them through the browser.

This is why working with the right hosting server is important. Poor hosting service can affect your business reputation with frequent downtime.

Here are things you should consider to end up with an effective hosting server provider that can meet your needs.

What are Your Requirements?

Not all businesses have the same hosting requirements. In other words, what works for someone else may not work for you. Therefore, before you set out to hunt for the right host, take time to consider your business requirements. It will help you pick the right hosting provider that can meet your needs. Be clear about how much storage and bandwidth your website requires and what to choose between managed or non-managed services.

Know What Server Can Be Right For You

Generally, servers have been categorized into shared servers, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and cloud servers. The shared model is the cheapest one as the user will be sharing their resources with others. It is ideal if you are just getting started. Dedicated servers give your full control, although they are expensive. They are exclusively for your website—just like a server behind your desk.

Virtual private servers or VPS is the cross of shared and dedicated servers, offering a shared environment but with better performance than the base level. Cloud servers, as the name suggests, are available through public clouds. The striking advantage of cloud servers is that you can scale uninterruptedly. If you need to handle that large traffic surge, just shift to another plan.

Customer Support:

Make sure your vendor has in-house technicians to keep the client’s websites up and running. They are should also offer support whenever the emergency occurs. An effective hosting service provider ensures a hassle-free experience for their clients, so they can focus on the core line of their business.

What Amount of Traffic You Expect:

Set realistic expectations about the traffic. Hosting server providers typically charge according to storage and bandwidth usage. Getting low traffic means low bandwidth. However, if you top SERPs and get swarms of visitors, you can expect bandwidth to scale up.

Don’t Get Carried Away By Lucrative Deals:

Some hosting providers promise unlimited storage and bandwidth with a heavier discount. However, such deals aren’t straight forward what it seems to be. It may be subject to terms and conditions. Maybe they are cutting corners. For example, getting unlimited storage and bandwidth on the lower prices possible means your hosting provider can either end your benefit after a certain usage level or compromise with your performance. While looking for a deal on hosting server is great, avoid opting for unrealistic offers.

Opt for a Portable Content Management System:

Your web hosting plans can be customized to management changes, technology shifts, and acquisitions. Therefore, you shouldn’t restrict to one host only. Make sure to have a backup practice in place. Many businesses use open source content management system like WordPress. Perform regular updates and site backups to keep your data and site structure in your access. Also, load your backup on another vendor’s service and point your domain name to that vendor.

Hope these tips help you find the right hosting server vendor. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below!

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