Half Singapore IT Pros Hasn’t Kept Up with the Latest Upgrades in Industry

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Being updated with the latest trend and skills is essential for any IT professional for remaining competitive. Sadly, half of the Singapore IT pros are lacking on this point. If the survey of SCS is to be believed, 1 in 2 ICT (Information and Communication technology)pros in Singapore doesn’t keep updates, meaning that half of Singapore IT professionals need to upgrade their skills. The survey statistics are even shocking when Singapore is being looked as one of the IT hubs worldwide. Ironically, half of the IT experts have outdated knowledge amidst the resounding Singapore digital sector.

The survey further reveals that local IT experts are needed to work on the Data analytics and Project management skills to make progress in their career.

In this survey, 37% IT pros aged between 36-50 years expressed that they should to be skilled in such things. With the digital words is being dominated by IOT, specialization in this field along with the user experience design is now required from the IT pros in Singapore.

According to the Singapore Computer Society’s (SCS), the respondents consider data analytics skills is crucial for the success, followed by the engineering and management, process design and requirement gathering, and infrastructure architecture and support.

As far as soft skills are concerned, the survey tells that most of the respondents want to be skilled in People and Project management while 15% consider business development as the big thing to learn. Nearly, 14% respondents wished to go for the green management to make progress in IT industry.

Putting his views on the survey’s revelations, Howie Lau, president of SCS, said, “Key emerging areas such as data analytics and cybersecurity are just some of the skills in which IT professionals can seek to be proficient even as companies invest in such technologies for the long term.

He also appreciated that most of the IT pros want to go with the changes and updates in IT industry.

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