Google’s Backup and Sync App will Back Up Your Entire PC!

Google’s new Backup and Sync App will transform Google Drive into a robust backup tool.

Google is going to enhance its user’s backup experience with Backup and Sync tool to be released on this 28th June. In other words, it will be a new version of Google Drive.

The Backup and Sync tool can back up your entire desktop’s files and folders. The new backup feature will be available for both Mac and PC and will be integrated with Google Photos desktop loader.

Google Backup and Sync aapIt is speculated that new Backup and Sync tool will replace the existing Google Drive and Google Photos Backup app, at least in some terms. According to Google’s official blog, the feature is meant for all consumers, however business users should continue with Google Drive for a while. It means that Google wants to target general users in initial stages of the app. Although Google has not revealed yet how much space a user can have with new tool, it is expected that the storage will be more than the current offering.

This move by Google is expected to prompt other cloud storage apps to enhance their storage service, including OneDrive, iCloud, Amazon Drive and BT Cloud. It is also worth to mention that Google Drive is considered as the most convenient option for storage in terms of flexibility.


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