Facebook Messenger Adds Live Broadcast Video Feature to Text Chats

Now, Facebook’s users can stream live video on their Facebook Messenger. A social networking giant has added a new live video button into the chatting windows letting users to broadcast live videos in text exchanges while the sound would be turned off by default.

IMAGE SOURCE: http://fortune.com/

According to the Facebook’s blog post:
“It’s perfect for sharing quick moments with friends who aren’t right by your side or making your conversations richer by seeing each other face-to-face when you are messaging.,”
The Instant Video feature will be available for the devices powered by Android and iOS.
With this video streaming feature, Facebook seems to take on the rival Snapchat and Twitter.

How Facebook Instant Video Feature Will Work?

If you have Android or Apple device, your Facebook Messenger will be upgraded with this video broadcasting feature. Make sure your friend have also the latest version of the Facebook Messenger.

Tap on the video icon on the top right corner to start real time video broadcasting. The audio will be turned off by default. Your video will be on the active text conversation. Your friend can watch this video streaming and can also share his video with you.
In July, the number of Facebook messenger’s users were more than one billion, making it one of the most used apps in the world.



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