Deep vs Dark Web: Key Differences

Deep vs Dark Web

Deep vs Dark Web seem to be similar but they are far different from each other.

Coming to the definition, Deep web is the web that can’t be controlled by the search engine. Search engines have no access to it.

It includes private data of governmental agencies, bank data, cloud data, etc.

This data is supposed to be kept safe due to security issues as it contains sensitive or private information.

Due to this, only few people have access to this data.

On the flip side, Dark Web comprises encrypted data that is not indexed by the search engine.

Darknets is used by those who wish to host a website to publish illegal content online anonymously.

The deep web is the  part of the web that is not shown through normal search engine algorithms is known as the dark web. The portion of the dark web intentionally concealed is known as the deep web.

After understanding their definition now let us have a glance over the key differences between Deep Web and Dark Web.

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Deep web vs dark web have completely different setups; to understand the distinction, we must first explain what the surface web is.

What is the Surface Web?

The visible web which we use on a daily basis is termed as the surface web.

Commonly we call it the internet.

It is where we perform all the activities.

In reference to the surface web, deep web is content available on WWW that is not visible on the Surface Web.

Deep Web is hidden from general use by not indexing it on the search engine.

Being the largest expanding category of information on the web, its total quantity is much more than that of the Surface Web.

Whereas Dark Web is encrypted data which lies far beneath the data on the Surface Web.

Key Differences: Deep vs Dark Web

  • What is it?

Deep web is the part of the Internet that is hidden and not shown from conventional search engines.

The dark web is a subset of the deep web which is intentionally hidden.

  • Accessibility

You will need a password, encryption, or specialty software in order to access information that is stored here.

Accessing it requires Tor Project or a similar browser, along with a VPN.

You’ll also require lots of security precautions for accessing this data.

  • Size

The Deep Web is bigger than the surface web. Dark Web is a subarea of the Deep Web, but its size is immeasurable.

  • Legitimacy

Deep Web is regularly used to deal with legal issues regarding anonymity.

On the other hand, the Deep Web is too often used for illicit transactions.

  • Indexing

Dark Web includes all unindexed web pages.

Deep Web only includes a subset of unindexed web pages inside the deep web.

  • Application

For protection of sensitive or private data of military, political parties, government agencies, businesses, etc. Deep web is used.

To create password encrypted websites for limited or restricted usage, dark web is used.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the deep web and dark web are two different types of the internet. The deep web is where you can’t find websites because they’re hidden on the deep web.

The dark web is where you can’t find websites because they’re hidden on the dark web.

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