Cyber Security Plan for Your Small Business in Singapore

While cyber security has become a business essential, many organizations don’t have a plan to prevent cyber-attacks. According to one study, 50% companies in Singapore have experienced a cyber-incident while over 30 percent of them are not sure of the attack.

Today’s cyber-attacks are more sophisticated and can outwit your advanced antivirus programs or scanner. What if you lose your valuable data or financial information? On the top of that, cyber-incidents are also a huge blow to your company reputation which leads to a loss of costumers. Then, you will have to deal with legal penalties.

Therefore, plan a strategy to deal with attacks and the aftermaths (like loss of data) as well. And these steps will help you in that…

List Your All Digital Assets:

From a portable HDD to a large server and everything in between, find out how many data storage or processing equipment you have. Also figure out if you have stored data on the out-of-premises system like cloud or remote server. Ponder over the breadth of your digital assets and the location of your data. By doing this, you can get familiar with the points of risk and exposure.

What Does Your Vendor’s Service Level Agreements Cover?

Check out the guarantees and coverage mentioned in your vendor’s (like cloud or software vendor) service level agreement regarding data.

  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Security and Data Protection Policy
  • Transparency in all forms of communication

Disaster Recovery Plan:

What to do after hardware failure, information lost or data center outage? Therefore your disaster recovery plan should include these points…

  • Backing up of data
  • Understanding the legal consequences of cyber attack
  • Actions to be taken in case of cyber-incidents

Data Protection Plan:

Prevention is better than cure! Make sure to safeguard your data by securing your assets. Here’s how…

  • Update antiviruses
  • Create strong passwords
  • Create a BYOD strategy
  • Educate employees on cyber-security

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