Common Technology Myths Debunked!

Technology Myths

Technology has encapsulated our lives completely. Every time a new technology comes, it blows our minds. However, with innovation come myths.

So, here are the top technological myths you should stop believing today.

1. Mac Computers Can’t Get Viruses

Every system is vulnerable to malwares, Apple too. Apple used to brag its PCs are susceptible to viruses like Windows PCs. However, the company immediately changed its marketing page after a Trojan harmed thousands of Mac computers in 2012.

2. You can’t take good photos unless your camera has a lot of megapixels.No, a photo’s quality is determined by many other factors than megapixels. A camera’s lens, sensory, circuitry and your mastery of lighting, the camera’s controls and composition are far more crucial factors.

3. Incognito Browsing Keeps you Anonymous

No. Instead incognito or private browsing is good for keeping other people using your systems from seeing what you’ve been doing. However, it won’t keep your identity hidden from the websites you visit.

4. Leaving your Phone Plugged in Destroys the Battery

There’s no proof about leaving your phone plugged in damages your phone’s battery in any way. All the smartphones today run on lithium-ion batteries that are smart enough to stop charging when they’ve reached capacity.

5. WWW and the Internet are the same thing.

No, they aren’t same. The Internet is a set up allowing information to be shared between different networks across the world, like personal computers, smartphones, various kinds of software and more and WWW is just another one of those networks.

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