Cloud Computing Trends for 2018

From dominance of SaaS services to adaptability of Serverless Cloud Computing, year 2018 is all set to come up with some game changing cloud trends.

Over the past few years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of businesses embracing cloud technology. After all, cloud computing empowers their IT operations with flexibility, ease of accessibility and usability, leading to the minimal use of physical servers and devices. The cloud computing is marked with several changes over the past few years. And 2018 is no exception! In 2017, the technology witnessed hybridization, reduced software restriction, rise of SaaS, support and collaboration.

Let’s check out the trends that are likely to rule cloud computing in 2018.

Dominance of SaaS Cloud Services:

The cloud market of 2018 is expected to be dominated by SaaS services. According a report by Cisco, cloud solutions like SaaS will continue to be installed and used across the world to meet the diverse goals. Further, the survey states that SaaS will receive 60% of all cloud based workloads.

Increased Cloud Storage Capacity:

2018 will also be marked with the flood of online data centers being equipped with larger storage capacity, if Cisco survey is to be believed.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be a Big Thing:

Machine learning and AI has gained momentum in 2016 and 2017. These technologies will be integrated with cloud computing. Currently, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are using the machine learning and AI in their cloud services. For example, IBM has launched a cloud platform powered by AI to ease decision making.

Serverless Cloud Computing will go Mainstream:

Serverless Cloud Computing is known for letting developers to build, run applications and services without having them to operate or manage servers. Moreover, it will also enhance the efficiency by letting them to connect and extend cloud services to easily meet their apps and multiple use cases. SCC won’t eat more time and effort.

So these are some trends that can dominate the cloud scenario of 2018. Do you have any trend in mind? Please share with us by commenting below.

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