Cloud Computing Adoption in Singapore is On the Boom

From flexibility, increased collaboration, automatic software updates to improved security, there are many reasons driving small businesses to embrace cloud computing.

Why cloud computing is increasingly popular among small businesses? A simple answer is that cloud computing is flexible, cost effective and scalable. It enables businesses to access virtual computing resources like storage and server without need for investing in computer software and hardware.

Cloud Computing and Singapore’s Business Landscape:

Small to medium enterprises make the largest part of Singapore’s business landscape. According to one study, these small businesses contribute nearly half (48%) of the nation’s GDP. This is why their growth will directly affect the nation’s economy.

However, the issues of small businesses are not always small. They may be struggling just because of their limited budget for IT and other needs. No wonder cloud computing is gaining popularity among these small businesses in Singapore to keep such issues out of the process.

In fact, Singapore is considered as one of the biggest adopters of cloud computing in Asia Pacific. Many businesses has started adopting cloud based business solutions and installing business apps on smartphones to improve their business efficiency.

For example, a business can store their data over cloud storage instead of purchasing couple of hard disk drives. Similarly, they can rely on virtual infrastructure if they can’t afford expensive servers. They can use software available over virtual computing environment to develop apps which eliminates the need of buying or licensing on site software. Cloud services are available on the rent, meaning that you can use them as long as you require them.

Apart from these benefits, there are many driving factors behind the cloud computing in Singapore. The availability of smart devices, application and internet speed has made it possible for small business to access cloud services. Besides, Singapore workforce is familiar with mobile and web technology in their personal and professional lives, and thus use cloud based technology easily.

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