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Cyber Security Plan for Your Small Business in Singapore

While cyber security has become a business essential, many organizations don’t have a plan to prevent cyber-attacks. According to one study, 50% companies in Singapore have experienced a cyber-incident while over 30 percent of them are not sure of the attack.

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Why Antivirus is not enough to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Learn here how antivirus is not the only thing to protect your business from sophisticated cyber-attacks. Most small businesses think that they are fully protected by their antivirus. Are they right? If you are one of them, you need to think again.

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Other Than Data Loss, How Cyber Attack Affects Your Business?

The loss of crucial data is not the only thing you suffer from after a cyber-attack. As an added woe, it negatively affects your reputations, operations and finances. Even worse, it can lead to legal consequences like penalties.

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