Bluetooth 5.0: 2x Speed, 4 x Better Network Range and More

Before the origin of Bluetooth technology, nobody could imagine that the data or files can be transfer wirelessly. But in early 2000s, the introduction of Bluetooth straight from the research labs to the mainstream has changed everything.

From making mobile phone hands free to the pairing of the devise, the technology has come a long way. Since its inception, Bluetooth has been widely used in lot of devices like mobile phones, printers, laptop, car kit, sunglasses, watches, and so on. The last version was 4.2 released in 2014 which is the faster, smarter and is the ideal wireless technology. But the technology is going to take a giant leap with the release of Bluetooth 5.

The upcoming version is said to be two times faster with 4 times better range than the current one. The Bluetooth licensing and development body, SIG is expected to announce Bluetooth 5.0 by June 16. On the other hand, 4.0 version or above can send data within the range of 300 feet with the transferring speed of 25 mbps.

But its capability of exchanging the info even when the devices are not connected is really a breakthrough. For example, when you’re about to pair Bluetooth speaker with mobile phone, its features let you see the name of the device before pairing so that you can recognize it from all other existing devices.

According to SIG Executive Director Mark Powell, Bluetooth 5 is also useful for the “location relevant information and navigation” and can add “significantly more capacity to advertising transmissions.”

Well, you can hope for the more innovative features coming with Bluetooth 5.0. All you need to wait the designated releasing time announced by SIG.

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