Basic Yet Essential Security Steps for Your Small Business

Amidst the advance security steps, make sure you don’t forget the basics.

Network security is essential for your small business. It is even important for the businesses with 8-10 employees or a few computers. If your network security is not good, anyone can peep into your system or use your data or leave malware in your PCs. And consequences occurring from the data thefts are serious as they cost you money, important data and reputation as well.

While looking for advance security steps is good, you should not forget the basics of network security.Here are the some easy ideas to make your workplace networking system secure against all attacks.

Right Router is Essential

A quality router is essential for your network security. Nowadays, routers come with a multi-layer security system. A router is equipped with firewall, guest networks and VPNs to keep the security risks at the bay.  At the advance level, UTMS (Unified Threat Management System) lets an administrator to monitor your system and the potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Be Careful Towards Your Devices:

Make sure your devices are updated with the latest security features. Some software security services can help you with that. Many businesses purchase third party software for their OS for getting updates, security checks like antivirus, a firewall, and encryption. Many security software makers have made it easy to operate and manage multiple digital devices.

Make Your Network Password Strong

Never choose the default setting while installing the new router as it may be common to many routers. If you do so, your network security is simply exposed to the hackers. Change the password or the encryption key. A good password is not easy to guess, let alone it can be easy to remember. So forget using “cakewalk” passwords like “ABC456” or date of birth. Instead, use special characters, upper case, lower case and the long phrases to make it too strong to be cracked.

Check Your Devices for Updates:

Most business owners are not serious about their security updates. Keep in mind that security updates are as important as your device passwords. Outdated software is always on the radar of a hacker. So be careful and take those updates seriously. Take a note of your tools or software for their update. The best thing is that most tools come with an auto update feature. Security updates are also important for the devices you attached to your PC, including phones, digital external HDD, camera and MP3 player. These updates are known as “firmware updates” and sent via an application install on the devices.

Assess Your Wi-Fi Network System:

Wi-Fi network is convenient but sometime it is the way other business spaces in your premises can utilize your data. Another risk is that it can be an easiest route for cyber criminals to get access into your files. Avoid such risks by consolidating your Wi-Fi network. Here are some easy tips:

  • Check the connected users
  • Remove the SSID names
  • Use strong password
  • Encrypt with WPA2
  • And turn off the device when not in use.

Turn On the Firewall Feature

Firewall protects your system and keep tracks of the malicious activities. It helps you keep suspicious sites and persons away from your PC. Besides, you can block the unwanted sites and sources. Make sure to turn on the features of firewall of your software or OS.

So these are the some basics yet important network security lessons for the small businesses with limited infrastructure and less employees. Do you want to say something? Please let us know by commenting below.

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