7 New Hidden Pixel Treasures to Find in Android 12

Google’s latest software update offers some pretty remarkable features lurking behind the surface in the latest Android 12. These features not only help in making your life easier but also save precious time. With constant technological advancements, Android 12 and Google Pixel help you in getting nothing but the best. Here are seven spectacular gems that you will want to find on your Pixel phone in Android 12, no matter which Pixel model you use.

Fast link-grabbing

Every time you are in Chrome in the Overview area in your Pixel phone, you can seize the link of the page that is currently open with one quick tap without ever opening the app or leaving Overview. Once you have the link, you can copy or share it to any app on your phone with a single touch.

Quick device controls

The panel offers you easy access to help you adjust any devices connected to your account. These can be e-rodents, displays, speakers, thermostats, cameras, or even smart lights. Quick device control helps you in saving time and making your entire environment more accessible.

A smarter lock screen

Now you can change the lock screen of your Pixel and get one-tap shortcuts to the connected devices control panel. It helps you in accessing all your devices without even unlocking your phone.

The kill switches

The new kill switches help you in disabling the microphone and camera of your Pixel whenever you want. They give you easy simple access to the advanced privacy features on your Google Pixel phone.

Color coordination

Now you can enable auto-theming of the icons on your home screen to get them to coordinate with your current wallpaper and your phone’s dynamic motif. It creates a nice effect and makes a significant improvement in your experience using your phone.

A simpler Assistant shortcut

Now you can just press and hold the physical power button to find Google Assistant. You don’t need to get into ‘Hey Google’ every time you need to find the best assistant in the world.

Tap action

Tap action is a new system with which you just need to tap twice on the back of your phone and have it perform a specific action. This can be summoning Google Assistant, capturing a screenshot, pausing or playing media, checking notifications, opening recent apps, or opening a specific app.

Now that you are aware, why wait? spread the word and ace the Pixel game with these amazing features.

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