5 Tools That Are Commonly Used In The Home Tutor Industry


Online learning grows in significance and occurrence around the world. A few of the home tutors are moving their businesses online, and for a justifiable reason. There are new tools rising to support tutoring and making it more effective.

Below mentioned are the 5 free tools that empower tutors, educators or even well-intentioned friends and relatives to get connected with learners over the Internet without pens and papers. Keep reading…

IDroo Basic

IDroo is an online whiteboard tool, which is free for basic subscription users. With IDroo you can exhibit your lessons in a visual way on an online whiteboard for the students to see and follow the lessons.

Idroo- ChampionTutorThe basic version allows you ten boards, the initial two pages of longform archives, and 50MB of storage space to begin with. Concerning tools, the Basic and Premium versions accompany similar tools and functions.


Through Skype, tutors as well as tutees don’t need to be in a similar nation to cooperate with each other. In spite of high-quality video chat, the site makes it simple to share records and even organize a conference call with other students or tutors.

SKYPe- ChampionTutor

While it’s awesome for worldwide communications, it’s similarly as valuable for helping local learners with clear-cut inquiries as they experience their homework.

Wikispaces Education

Wikispaces Education gives you a chance to make and deal with an online learning environment. You can use your wiki to share work, thoughts, pictures, recordings, links, and so on.

WikiSpaces- ChampionTutor

You can alter your wiki from anyplace, compose collaborative teams, find out who can perceive what content, and a so on. There’s no restriction to what number of pages you can make.


WizIQ is an undeniable e-learning platform, which has an add-on virtual classroom app. It includes all of the key features like -set up classes for students, disperse instructive materials, screen use, lectures live or recorded, distribute educational materials, and even give tests.

Wiziq- ChampionTutor

Moreover, it coordinates with Learning Management Systems like Moodle and Blackboard. In case you’re running an online school with a long-term student base, then WizIQ is just for you.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is another amazing device for online tutoring. Not just can tutors discuss with students over video on tablets and other handheld gadgets, they can even use all other features Google brings to the table in the meantime.

Hangouts- ChampionTutor

Screen sharing, connecting with Google Docs, and the ability to archive discussions have settled on a superb decision for various educational applications.

Now, start educating your students with these effective and excellent tools. What free online tools do you use for your teaching and tutoring/tuition assignments? Let us know in the comments given below!

Author Bio: This is post is written by Lim Chuwei, who is a tutor at Singapore’s Home Tuition Agency– ChampionTutor. With more than 10 years of experience in home tutoring services and offers best home tuition assignments. We make every possible effort to get you the best tutor at the most reasonable rates.


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