3 Reasons why Microsoft’s HoloLens is better than other VR Headsets

Microsoft HoloLens

Software giant Microsoft announced at its annual developer’s conference that it is shipping its HoloLens computer glasses to developers. Find out why it is better than any other VR Headset.


Microsoft finally announced that it is delivering its HoloLens computer glasses to developers. While the consumer version is still far, Microsoft remains silent about its possible launch.

At Build 2016, the giant software company showed several demos to showcase the abilities of HoloLens, which delivers mixed reality rather than plain virtual reality presented by Samsung’s Gear and Oculus Rift VR headsets. Here’s why it is said to be a Better option than others:

  • Unlike other virtual reality headsets, HoloLens doesn’t cut off the wearers from their surroundings. This means users can continue to view, listen and respond to whatever is happening around them.
  • With the display technology used in HoloLens, users will not have to stare at a screen in front of their eyes. The display blends into the real world in the form of Holograms.
  • While the usage most VR headsets are limited to gaming and entertainment, with HoloLens enterprises can even customize it to use it in their research. For instance, Nasa is using it to deliver real-life experiences of walking on Mars in a room.

Hope, Microsoft’s HoloLens take the world of VR to a new level!!!

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